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Personal Injury Claims

J.O.S Solicitors provides bespoke legal services for individual in the area of Personal Injury Claim Litigation.*

We provide full advice and representation to individuals who have been injured, (either physically or psychologically) through the negligence or wrongdoing of others.

Personal injury claims* can resolve at various stages throughout the litigation process, dependant on the particulars of each case. These stages range from the initial obtaining of medical reports and application with the Injuries Board, onto Circuit or High Court proceedings, if required.

We draw on our experience and endeavour at every stage of this contentious process, to keep our clients fully informed and place their best interest at the heart of such proceedings. We also ensure that each case is dealt with in a timely and pragmatic fashion.


*“In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.”