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Employee Engagement

J.O.S Solicitors has a keen and intrinsic understanding of the need for organisations to ensure Employee Engagement are integral to the internal operations of a business and is at the heart of its workplace environment.

Through our legal offering of Employment Law and HR Compliance services, the firm is better equipped to provide consultancy services for business in the area of Employee Engagement.

For an organisation to succeed and thrive commercially, adherence to all legal and HR compliance procedures are a prerequisite. Moreover, it is now widely acknowledged that other vital factors such as employee morale, buy-in and workplace culture are nurtured and developed to ensure optimised success, aligned with strategic business objectives.

Our Employee Engagement Services are based on the development of better workplace structures and processes between an organisation and its staff. Such internal processes and structures help to develop greater trust, integrity and two-way communications, while increasing better individual performance, productivity and well-being.

Another direct benefit for organisations in embracing such positive workplace change, includes mitigation and risk management against potential legal proceedings and claims by aggrieved or disgruntled employees.

Our Employee Engagement Services include:

  • Strategic Development: Development of employee engagement strategies that create opportunities for an engaged workforce and support organisations to enhance business performance.
  • Organisational Communications Strategy: Preparation of communication frameworks, project strategy and key messages providing clarity and transparency in support of organisational objectives.
  • Employee Advocacy: Management of face to face meetings, facilitated workshops and quantitative surveys providing employees with the opportunity to express their experiences, thoughts and opinions, and enabling their organisations to make informed decisions on matters that affect their internal stakeholders.
  • Organisational Culture: Preparation of communication frameworks, channels and tools that support the development of culture, define the employee value proposition and enhance employer branding.
  • Change Communication: Identification of key messages and communication strategies that support a shared vision, enabling organisations transitioning through change to engage effectively with their internal stakeholders.
  • Employee Engagement Handbook: Outlining the policy and procedures pertinent  for successful staff engagement, consistent with the organisation’s internal and operational objectives.
  • Facilitated Workshops and Training: Empowering leaders to develop motivated workforces, achieve buy-in and create brand champions through the application of effective engagement models.

*Our Employee Engagement services are non-legal and should therefore not be construed as or relied upon as legal advice unless legal services and advices are specifically provided and required.