Employee Engagement Tips for Business

J.O.S Solicitors has a keen and intrinsic understanding of the need for organisations to ensure Employee Engagement is integral to the internal operations of a business and is at the heart of its workplace environment.

For an organisation to succeed and thrive commercially, adherence to all legal and HR compliance procedures are a prerequisite. Moreover, it is also widely acknowledged that other vital factors such as employee morale, buy-in and workplace culture are nurtured and developed to ensure optimised success, aligned with strategic business objectives.

Employee Engagement is therefore based on the development of better workplace structures and processes between an organisation and its staff.

Defining Employee Engagement 

The term itself its quite difficult to define as it embodies many factors and viewpoints, specific to an organisation and its workforce. At the heart however, is the recognition that one’s workforce is key to its operational success.

Therefore action is required on behalf of the senior management team to both measure and adopt effective strategies that will help to develop greater trust, integrity and two-way communication, while promoting increased productivity, performance and well-being.

Doug Conant, the former CEO of Campbell’s Soup, perhaps best captured the essence of Employee Engagement when he said- “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”

Basic tips on how to improve Employee Engagement

This list below is not exhaustive, but merely outlines some useful tactics to adopt:-

  1. Provide a voice to your employees and establish the necessary channels of communication to listen
  2. Define and understand what both motivates and hinders your employees
  3. Assess if top or senior management is showing the necessary leadership to inspire and motivate
  4. Carry out exit interviews to establish why employees are choosing to leave for rival companys
  5. Set clear organisational goals and share that desired vision with your employees to foster buy-in
  6. Ensure transparency to garner your employees trust and co-operation
  7. Empower your employees to reach their full potential for everyone’s benefit
  8. Incentivise and reward your employees for a job well done or when targets are achieved
  9. Acknowledge your employees performance with a simple thank you!

J.O.S Solicitors provides tailored Employee Engagement Services for corporate and non-profit organisations. If you would like J.O.S Solicitors to assist your business or organisation with its employee relations and strategic engagement needs or to simply discuss your options. Then please contact us

Jason O’ Sullivan, is a Solicitor and Public Affairs Consultant at J.O.S Solicitors


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