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Commercial Disputes & Mediation

J.O.S Solicitors places great emphasis on providing pragmatic legal solutions for business in times of dispute. We offer bespoke Commercial Litigation* services for organisations that are involved in contentious matters and ensure efficient, effective and commercially responsible legal representation.

We understand the diversity of commercial environments and the need for legal services to be tailored to suit the continual changing needs of our corporate clients, and recognise their  business strategy and markets. We therefore fully engage with our corporate clients to ensure that the necessary mix of legal, risk management and commercial knowledge is fully thought through before the best course of action is taken in respect to the dispute.

J.O.S Solicitors also promote Mediation as a form of dispute resolution for commercial disputes and can also provide this service in conjunction with our Commercial Litigation* services.

Our Mediation services for business primarily in the areas of workplace relations,  commercial and I.P disputes. We understand the benefits that can be gained by embracing Mediation as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by offering parties to a dispute, the opportunity to meet in a private and confidential setting with an impartial Mediator and attempt to resolve their dispute in an amicable and speedy manner.

The Mediation process is rapidly growing in Ireland and is recognised as an important new forum that enables parties to avoid the need of high risk and costly legal proceedings.

The Principal of the firm Jason O’ Sullivan, is an accredited Mediator of the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII).


* “In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.”