• Employment Law

    Specialist Services tailored for Business & HR needs

  • Corporate Law & Drafting

    Helping Business with Corporate matters

  • Commercial Litigation & ADR

    Resolving Commercial & Workplace Disputes

  • Civil Litigation

    Bespoke Legal Services for Individuals

  • Public Affairs & Lobbying

    Strategic Advice for Organisations on Legislative & Policy Issues

Legal Services for Business


J.O.S Solicitors is an innovative and contemporary law firm that offers business organisations specialised legal services in the following areas:-
• Employment Law & HR Compliance
• Corporate Law & Commercial Drafting
• Commercial Litigation & ADR
• Intellectual Property Law

We are selective in our practice areas as to ensure our clients receive the most focused legal advice and service delivery.

We represent private individuals, start-ups, SME's, large corporate businesses, community groups, trade bodies and charitable organisations.

Legal Services for Individuals


J.O.S Solicitors also provides bespoke legal services for private clients and Individuals in the following contentious* areas:-
• Medical Negligence
• Personal Injury Litigation
• Employment Law Litigation
• Defamation

If you have a legal issue or query relating to any of our practice areas. Then please contact us to discuss the matter and to arrange a consultation.

*“In contentious matters, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.”

Consultancy Services for Business


J.O.S Solicitors through J.O.S Consulting offers strategic consultancy services for business tailored towards organisational objectives and needs in the following areas:-
• Public Affairs & Lobbying
• Employee Engagement
• Crisis Management

We are proud to be one of the only law firms in Ireland to provide a dedicated Public Affairs and Lobbying service for business and industry.

We are based in both Dublin and Galway, giving us a nationwide reach with a localised client focused approach.